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Tian Gu

Product and Business Development

Tian Gu serves DIZYGOTIC in both the product and business development teams as a founding member. Tian has over 10 years of industrial experience in product development, leading DIZYGOTIC operations from branding and concept to release to market. he also takes on the additional responsibilities of investor relations. Prior to that, Tian held a design and development role in multiple product lines at Texas Instruments for six years. Tian earned both his master's and bachelor's degrees from Cornell University.

Michael Hernandez

Creative and Design

Michael Hernandez teams up with DIZYGOTIC and leads creative and design for the company, focusing on collaborations and footwear designs. Prior to that, Michael worked for NIKE, Inc for nearly two decades, becoming the Global Creative Director in Nike SB, and pioneered NIKE SB design team from day one and led many successful collaboration projects. Michael is also the founder of The Bruin Co. Michael received a bachelor's degree in design and applied arts from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.

Wilson Fwu


Wilson Fwu serves DIZYGOTIC in marketing as a founding member. Wilson oversees DIZYGOTIC's global marketing efforts, including leading marketing campaigns and managing relationships with media outlets. Wilson has over 6 years of sales and product marketing. He also takes on the additional responsibilities of investor relations. Prior to that, Wilson held marketing and management roles at Texas Instruments and other companies. Wilson earned a bachelor's degree from University of New Hampshire.

Chaojun Louis Zhang


As a director of Manufacturing, Chaojun Louis Zhang leads Nectar Lab, which is a dedicated design and prototyping center for DIZYGOTIC. Louis is from a three-generation shoe-artisan family. he put on a team of 32 shoemakers who have an average of twenty years of shoe-making experience to handcraft each DIZYGOTIC shoe. Louis is also a founding member of DIZYGOTIC and is responsible for consumer demand and supply management, distribution, and logistics. Louis holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from Iowa State University.

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